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Junior Maths olampiad will be conducted on 6.9.2009 in this vidyalya


Result is awaited  of Maths olampiad held on 6th Sept 2009

30 students will be taking part in Junior Maths Olyampiad  on 6 Sept 2009


Maths Olyampiad held at  KV NO 4 on 7.9.2009, 193 students from various KVs   participated  in this olyampiad.


Green Olympiad conducted on 29th sep 2007 at KV 4, Bathinda Cantt (only center for Bathinda city) where by 23  students of KV 4 and 27 students of Guru Hari kishan Public School  participated in TERI co-ordinated by Mrs. Seema Parkash PGT(BIO).


A Maths Olympiad  also held in KV  co-ordinated with Mr.Mukesh PGT(Maths)


Talent Search Test named Akhil Bhartiya Pratibha  Utthan Abhiyan for class XIth and XIIth was conducted on 21th august 2006 co-ordinated by Mrs. Seema Parkash PGT (BIO).


International Physics, Chemistary and Biology Olympiad conducted on 26th nov 2006, 11 student were enrolled for the said exam co-ordinated by Mrs. Seema ParkashPGT(BIO).



Name of participant


Rank in Region/ State level

Rank in National/ KVS level

Remarks (Mention the award/ prize won, if any)

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