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Mrs. Tara Bhandari, Principal

The Child is the father of man basically means that a man is, in reality, the product of the behaviour and habits he developed during his early years. While using the phrase, Wordsworth has indicated that what a child learns and assimilates will be reflected in his words and works in his later life. If a person forms good habits right from his childhood, he will live a life of discipline. His life will be full of happiness. He will be an asset to the nation. Reversely, a boy who forms bad habits will harm the society at large. 

Children are like clay in a potters hand just as a potter gives a desired shape to clay in his hands so do the children become what their teachers make them. Childs`s life in a school is the most crucial phase during the foundation years for developing their nature personally by nurturing them. Teaching in its true sense, is not only to communicate or to give any instruction but influence. The teachers or Guru`
s duty is not merely to communicate knowledge, but also help the children to grow, develop suitable attitude, values and their personality. The role of a teacher in society is both significant and valuable. It has far-reaching influence on the society he lives in and no other personality can have an influence more profound than that of a teacher. Students are deeply affected by the teacher`s love and affection, character, competence, and moral commitment. Teaching is the art/profession that teaches and creates all the other profession. 

The motto of the KVS is to lead one from darkness to light. I am confident that I, with the support of my teachers, will be able to infuse new zeal, enthusiasm and intensity in the students and teachers to enhance and heighten their ability, intelligence, aptitude and proficiency so that KV No.4, BathindaCantt.can reach new heights. 

With best wishes,



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